Use cases

Coating development to prevent ice/frost formation
Developed by SILSEF SAS
Published on 06 Feb 14:14 (4 months ago)

SILSEF is a French SME specialised in nano-patterned functional surfaces, particularly for optics (anti-reflection, diffraction/decoration) and...

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Coating Development to prevent oxidation and color change of steel components in the automotive sector
Developed by DTS group SPA
Published on 16 Jan 15:45 (5 months ago)

DTS is a Tier One supplier for the most luxurious and exclusive sports car brands in the world. DTS is a design, development and manufacturing...

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Development of a high hardness coating with a low coefficient of friction effective in high temperature conditions
Developed by CITRA
Published on 16 May 14:42 (about 1 year ago)

CITRA is a French Research Organization with over 20 years of experience in industrial support, technology transfer and innovation in the field of...

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Development of a Sol-Gel coating with anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic and omniphobic properties
Developed by POLYRISE
Published on 19 Dec 15:49 (over 1 year ago)

Polyrise is a French company developing innovative sol-gel coatings for the photonics industries and with applications in the automotive...

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Development of an anti-sticking coating
Developed by ERO srl
Published on 03 Feb 09:47 (over 1 year ago)

ERO Gluing Systems manufactures innovative Electronic Gluing Systems for folding carton and corrugated boxes. This growing Italian company is part...

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Development of laser-enabled technology for selective functionalization and modification of point-of care biosensors based on graphene
Developed by Biosense Institute
Published on 25 Nov 10:50 (over 1 year ago)

The main technological problem to be solved with the NewSkin services is related to the development of novel all-optical technology for high...

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