Biosense Institute

BioSense Institute (BIOS) coordinates and advances research and innovation activities concerning state of-the-art ICT solutions in agriculture, ecology, health, environmental protection, water management and industry and fosters their adoption in the wide ecosystem comprised of various stakeholders on the European and global level. BioSense Institute is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary scientific research institute and a regional provider of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) in agriculture and environmental monitoring. Institute has a special focus on micro and nano-technology sensors, Internet of Things, Robotics, Remote Sensing and Big Data. BioSense has recently ranked as No.1 European Center of Excellence within H2020 Teaming program. With state-of-the-art equipment and – most importantly – with an international group of more than 80 enthusiastic interdisciplinary researchers, BioSense Institute is able to perform scientific research at the global level and contribute to the development and sustainability of eco-innovation in the areas of major importance for society – environment control, including agriculture and health aspects. BioSense Institute coordinates or participates in a large number of international research projects, including 22 Horizon 2020 projects. Biosense Institute employs researchers of different backgrounds and expertise, including chemists, materials scientists, materials engineers, physicists, biologists, electronic engineers, with significant experience and expertise in construction and application of nanomaterials for different health, environment and agriculture-related challenges.

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Key interests

Nano-enabled water membranes, Nano-formulated paints application, Functional films (packaging and electronics), Nano-enabled flexible glass, plastic and metal (including flexible electronics, Photovoltaics, heat exchangers and electrochromic envelopes), Micro-electronics

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Ivan Bobrinetskiy