How to use the platform

This page provides help on how to use main features made available on the NewSkin platform.

Why register on the NewSkin platform?

The NewSkin project aims at gathering a critical mass of actors involved or interested in innovations in the field of nanotechnologies and surface treatment.

The platform is an interactive tool allowing these stakeholders to contact each other and organise discussions on current innovation projects.

This platform intends to be a stepping stone for launching new innovation projects in the NewSkin’s topics.

Moreover, the NewSkin open calls will be published in this tool. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to follow the calls and to candidate through the NewSkin platform


The NewSkin Open Innovation Test Beds is open to all organisations. You are able to register by clicking on the sign-up section. Once you signed up you will have access to some documents on the NewSkin use cases and value propositions available in the repository. In addition, registering on the platform allows you to directly contact other organisations in the NewSkin ecosystem.

The search engine

In the “search the directory” section you are able to find all registered organisations. You can organise your searches by industries, key interests or key words related to your activity. Then you will have access to the profile of other organisation and from there a message area is available for direct contacts.

Open Calls

The first open calls will be available from October 2021. From now on we invite you to follow the NewSkin activity to be aware of the developed innovation, the value propositions and the use cases so that you will already have an idea of the technological challenges that the call will address.

Publication of news articles

Each organisation can publish a news article on the NewSkin platform. In order to do so, organisations need to connect on their account, select "My Account" and then select "News". From there you can edit your title, the core of your article and add a picture. Once it will be published, the news will appear in the News section of the platform as well as on the organisations' profile.