Use case

Development of a Sol-Gel coating with anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic and omniphobic properties

Polyrise is a French company developing innovative sol-gel coatings for the photonics industries and with applications in the automotive sector. 

The objective of the NewSkin service is to take advantage of the NewSkin OITB knowledge and facilities to develop a protective coating.

Working with the NewSkin OITB will allow Polyrise to develop a coating with unique assets such as anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic and omniphobic properties. The NewSkin partners will be involved in the project in the characterisation and development of the new coating and will test deposition systems. The execution of this project will significantly contribute to Polyrise’s growth as the company will be able to meet current customer’s requirements. 

Published on 19 Dec 15:49 (over 1 year ago)
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