Use case

Coating Development to prevent oxidation and color change of steel components in the automotive sector

DTS is a Tier One supplier for the most luxurious and exclusive sports car brands in the world. DTS is a design, development and manufacturing company with the potential of a world-class system supplier. Together with skilled manufacturing and engineering excellence, customers can rely on extended innovation capabilities and growing industrial strength. 

Being an agile organization and a strong expertise in materials and strategies for light weighting make DTS the ideal partner for exhaust and fuel systems, and beyond.

DTS was designated to receive support in Newskin's second open call with a project entitled “PVD Coating for Exhaust Pipes (COATAIL)”. 

The current surface treatments for the stainless steel exhaust system, which is installed on the most extreme sports cars, struggle to keep the color change within the established limits and to fully resist to oxidation due to the extreme conditions of the exhaust pipe. Therefore, the project proposes to apply different variants of a tailor-made coating on trial samples and test them under operative conditions.

Published on 16 Jan 15:45 (6 months ago)
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