Use case

Coating development to prevent ice/frost formation

SILSEF is a French SME specialised in nano-patterned functional surfaces, particularly for optics (anti-reflection, diffraction/decoration) and wetting engineering (super-hydrophobicity, antifrost, microfluidics…). It is located in Archamps, France, near Geneva. 
SILSEF has received support from the 4th NewSkin open call to carry out the “DEFI FOU” project (De frosting/icing formulation and understanding). The formation of ice and frost is a serious issue for many industries causing reduced operational efficiency, safety hazards, and increased maintenance costs. Moreover, assessing anti-frost/icing properties can be challenging for SMEs, as they often cannot afford to invest in their own testing and validation infrastructures. 
Therefore, the project aims to conduct anti-icing/frost tests on SILSEF’S novel hydrophobic coatings using SIRRIS facilities. This will address technological issues related to ice and frost formation. Implementation of commercial solutions will also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the use of chemical de-icers.

Published on 06 Feb 14:14 (5 months ago)
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