NewSkin Days 2023 Highlights

NewSkin Days 2023 Highlights
Published on 04 May 13:11 (about 1 year ago) by AquaTT

NewSkin Days 2023 was held in La Grande Poste in Bordeaux in the last week of April 2023! It was an active 2-day programme, packed with a mix of networking breaks and technical sessions with 80 participants. A range of sessions highlighted NewSkin facilities, showcases, open calls, and resulting demo-cases and introduced some other related Open Innovation Test Bed facilities, with long coffee and lunch breaks to allow ample time for further discussion and networking. In the evening of day 1, we did a lovely walking visit of the historic centre of Bordeaux, with plenty of time to mingle and chat with fellow participants while taking in the lovely sights of this UNESCO world heritage site before dinner. 

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NewSkin Days explored a variety of NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) accelerated technologies and market applications, such as: Friction, wear and vibrations reduction; Mass production of textures and coatings; Nano-safe facilities for nano-coatings; Scale-up/testing gas/water membranes; Functional layers: textures and coatings. The NewSkin OITB team and facility users together shared success stories with the audience, highlighting the opportunities for SMEs, Start-ups, research labs and industry to take advantage of these 10 upscaling and 9 testing NewSkin facilities, and route to market services.

In addition to an in-depth exploration of NewSkin OITB facilities and results, and our colleagues from a range of other related EU-funded OITBs gave an overview of their facilities' offerings (Flexfunction2sustain OITB, INN-PRESSME OITB, Convert2Green OITB, and INNOMEM OITB). All of these Open Innovation Test Bed facilities across Europe are accessible to research labs, start-ups, SMEs and industry, to help provide innovators with common access to physical facilities, capabilities and/or services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and advanced materials in industrial environments. The aim of these OITBs is to reduce cost and investment risk, and accelerate time to market for users and innovators (research labs, SMEs, academics, spin-outs and industry).
The sessions included: 
NewSkin Days 2023, "La Grande Poste", Bordeaux, France