ALPhANOV is a non profit association aiming the diffusion of laser and optics as strategical axes for boosting Eurpean industry technological level and production quality. The ALPhANOV key activities can be resumed as follow: - Setting up collaborative projects: looking for academic or industrial partners, consortiums, financial engineering. - Industrialization: ALPhANOV engineering skills are available for partners to help in the design and implementation of industrial products. - Business creation: ALPhANOV supports business creation by bringing innovative solutions to meet company expectations.

Targeted industries

Construction, Transport, Renewable energy, Medical device, Optics and electronics, Packaging, Industrial Components

Key interests

Textured industrial components (gears, seals, gaskets, pistons, shafts, propellers…), Optics, Functional films (packaging and electronics), Nano-enabled surfaces for energy storage, Nano-enabled elements for blades and composites, Micro-electronics

Upscaling facilities

Laser, Roll 2 roll texturing, Texturing during moulding

Testing facilities


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NewSkin project partner

Main contact

Girolamo Mincuzzi