Tecnalia is one of the largest private, independent, non-profit applied research and technology organisations in Europe. It is dedicated to transforming technology into commercial products and services that improve people’s quality of life. Through its 7 business divisions covering economic sectors of Energy, Environment, Industry, Transport, Construction, Health and ICT, Tecnalia generated business opportunities for over 4,000 clients, including more than 30 spin-off companies. Tecnalia is also a key agent in the European Research Area (ERA). It actively participates in governing bodies of several European Technology Platforms, PPPs and JTIs (EEB, FOF, SPIRE, ARTEMIS…). In FP7 programme, Tecnalia was rated position 11th among RTOs and 23rd in absolute, according to the EC’s 7th FP7 Monitoring Report (Final), because of its participation in 377 collaborative projects, coordinating 81 of them. In H2020, Tecnalia is similarly active and participated in 189 projects, coordinating 39 of them (as of April 2018). Tecnalia is also a member of EARTO and of EUROTECH, linking together the most important research organisations in Europe. Role in the project TECNALIA will participate with one of the PVD-HIPIMs pilot plant, tribology, corrosion at high temperature and pressure and ageing in lab and field scale test beds. In NewSkin project, TECNALIA will be in charge of the adaptation of different coatings for specific applications: • Solid lubricant coating: Tecnalia has developed magnetron sputtered MoSx thin films co-sputtered with WC. This coating has low friction coefficient under vacuum and also show resistance to humid environment when tested at atmospheric conditions. This MoSx-WC solid lubricant has been tested on space conditions in the TRIBOLAB experiment on board of the International Space Station ISS EuTEF facility. • CrAlN based coatings: Tecnalia has developed magnetron sputtered CrAlN based coatings that show increase wear resistnace as oxidation resistance properties. Those coatings have been tested on cutting tools for machining Ti and Ni alloys showing an increase in cutting tool lifetime • Anti-reflective anti-soiling coatings: Tecnalia has developed a family of broadband AR and anti-soiling sol-gel coatings based on porous silica coating stack prepared sequentially by sol-gel technology deposition followed by hydrophobic functionalization of external surface and pore surface area with silylating agents (European patent application number EP17382016) that increases the solar transmittance when it is deposited on one side of the glass up to 3%. This coating has been tested on glass applied on PV cells and have been monitored for 18 months showing an average over-generation of 2% with respect to bare glass along the whole exposure In addition, TECNALIA will bring their experience in determining and performing the most relevant lab scale artificial weathering cycle tests, real offshore ageing tests and non-destructive coating characterization techniques. TECNALIA will demonstrate the validity of the developed technology in real environment through the exposition of scaled subsystems in offshore laboratory, performing both antifouling coating tests and ageing tests. Finally, TECNALIA will contribute to the definition of an advanced corrosion test under high temperature and pressure. Furthermore, after years of fruitful collaboration with private companies in a variety of industrial sectors (Oil&Gas, chemical, renewables, etc), Tecnalia has the experience in simulating industrial processes in the laboratory which requires facilities to safely handle high temperatures and high pressures, highly corrosive chemicals and toxic materials, as well as the ability to mechanically load test samples during exposure. The high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) laboratory of Tecnalia has autoclaves, mainly focused on sour and non-sour applications. Corrosion and cracking phenomena which may result from exposure of steels and alloys to H2S, CO2 and brines, are carefully assessed.

Targeted industries

Construction, Prothesis, Transport, Renewable energy, Optics and electronics, Industrial Components

Key interests

Optics, Nano-formulated paints application, Nano-enabled flexible glass, plastic and metal (including flexible electronics, Photovoltaics, heat exchangers and electrochromic envelopes)

Upscaling facilities

PVD and CVD (including R2R)

Testing facilities

Fouling and Off-shore


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NewSkin project partner

PVD sol-gel anti-reflective coating anti-fouling coating tribological coating oxidation resistance coating tribological tests corrosion tests offshore laboratory

Main contact

Marta Brizuela