NewSkin highlight on custom design membrane test facilities for water, wastewater and gas separation under realistic operating conditions

NewSkin highlight on custom design membrane test facilities for water, wastewater and gas separation under realistic operating conditions
Published on 27 Feb 11:26 (over 1 year ago) by AquaTT

for selective and anti-fouling membranes, and mono-atomic graphene membranes

NewSkin partners Prof. Slava Freger and Dr. Hilla Shemer (Technion IIT) run the NewSkin OITB test facilities for evaluating selective and anti-fouling membranes and mono-atomic graphene membranes for water, wastewater and gas separation for: improved selectivity, anti-fouling, anti-microbial, mono-atomic graphene membranes, graphene oxide including pore and functional layer creation. A flat-sheet cross-flow system custom-designed within the NewSkin project is available for short (separation performance evaluation) and extended (fouling, scaling) tests. The system enables tests in constant-flux or constant-pressure regimes, in real water/wastewater samples as well as in synthetic solution mimicking the composition of real solution under realistic crossflow operating conditions.

As part of the NewSkin facilities, the Technion IIT team bring their expertise in CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) modelling, parameter evaluation, membrane modification, synthesis and characterisation. They also have extensive experience in development of test methodology to evaluate the performance of nano-enabled membranes, and to allow the efficient design of low energy consuming and high selective membranes for micro-, nano- and ultra-filtration and well as reverse osmosis systems. The team can provide Membrane Evaluation for water flux, separation efficiency (i.e., solute rejection), and scaling/fouling propensity under typical operating conditions (Pressure, Temperature, Feed flow rate, Feed water quality). These test bed facilities can be used for screening, characterisation, and/or fouling/scaling experiments for flat sheet custom-designed membrane systems for microfiltration/ ultrafiltration/ nanofiltration/ Reverse osmosis. Access is by contract, or for free* (by applying to the fourth and final NewSkin Open Call) see below for more details. 

In addition to membranes being rigorously evaluated in a wide range of scenarios by Technion IIT in their NewSkin test facility for membranes used in a range of applications (e.g., desalination, water purification, water-energy nexus and clean energy), membranes can be newly custom designed and furthered enhanced in collaboration with other NewSkin OITB providers. For instance, DCU provide upscaling facilities with laser machining techniques for micro-texturing surfaces and membranes enhancing for example anti-microbial and biocompatibility of ceramic water membranes. Leitat provide innovative and sustainable treatments based on plasma technology and functionalisation treatments for membranes in use in many sectors such as water treatment, transport, medical devices and photonics. Leitat treatments for increasing membrane efficiency fouling prevention and durability, include surface pre-treatments, and functionalisation by a wet finishing process for membranes. Other NewSkin partners, e.g. Nanofaber acts as a technology provider in the field of functional nano-coatings, developing electrospinning and coating methods for anti-fouling resistance and durability of membranes; and GVFiltri, are able to support in prototyping and testing standard or custom cartridge module based on innovative membrane technologies that are scalable.

Thus, the EU-funded NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed project is offering unique pilot scale prototyping, upscaling, and testing facilities as well as route to market services, and access to investors, to startups, SMEs, Research labs and industry to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative nano-surface and membrane materials and technology across Europe.

You too can access the NewSkin OITB state-of-the-art facilities for accelerating innovative nano-enabled surfaces, coatings and membranes. Access is by contract, or for free* (by applying to the fourth and final NewSkin Open Call). The European funded NewSkin OITB test bed offers users open access to state-of-the-art facilities for adding, upscaling, characterising, accelerated rigorous testing and/or route-to-market services of advanced high performance surface functionality (such as hydrophobicity, anti-fouling, anti-reflecting, auto-cleaning, anti-corrosive, anti-icing, anti-microbial, anti-friction, hard-wearing, and lubrication) through nanotechnologies.

Discover our facilities today:
  • 10 upscaling and 9 testing facilities available across Europe 
  • Route-to-market services - including Life Cycle Analysis, nano-safety assessment, business planning & networking
  • Open to: SMEs, Start-ups, Research labs, Industry
  • NewSkin Open Call 4 is now open
*We can provide up to €60K (possibly higher in consortium projects) in nano-enabled surfaces and membranes market acceleration services funded entirely by H2020 NewSkin project - Open Call 4 is now open.