NewSkin OITB water related technologies

NewSkin OITB water related technologies
Published on 19 Sep 15:35 (10 months ago) by AquaTT

Calling start-ups, SMEs, research labs and industry in the field of water related technologies. Open Access to unique facilities to upscale or test surface functionality of your water technology surface through nanotechnologies. For specialists in areas including: filtration membranes, pumps, graphene, anticorrosion, anti-biofouling, marine transport, aquaculture, desalination equipment.
NewSkin OITB water related technologies
NewSkin water related services offered include:
  • Nano-carbon on polymer technology: creating pores into these layers and characterization of the media.Sheet to sheet process.
  • Texturing and Functionalisation of filtration Membranes for Improved Anti-fouling Resistance andSelectivity.
  • Texturing and Coating of Water Treatment Equipment Components for Improved Performance.
  • Components in maritime engines and centrifugal pumps: propeller and nozzle systems: anti-fouling,cavitation prevention and improved drag texture, coatings to increase wear resistance, and for low friction undervacuum and cryogenic temperatures.
  • Characterisation and Prototype performance testing – replicating real industrial and operation environment conditions: cavitation and towing tank, centrifugal pumps, membranes in real wastewater mimicking streams.
  • Continuous Production of Graphene, CNT, Graphene Oxide and other nano-particles Membranes (available from Open Call 3) 
Download the NewSkin OITB water flyer here or pickup a copy from the NewSkin OITB team at Aquaculture Europe 2023 September 18 - 21, 2023 in Vienna, Austria!