NewSkin one of the EU-funded Open Innovation Test Beds!

NewSkin one of the EU-funded Open Innovation Test Beds!
Published on 04 Sep 15:35 (9 months ago) by AquaTT

The NewSkin OITB team are happy to be an Open Innovation Test Bed (#OITB) providing facilities to upscale/test/accelerate novel nano-surface, nanocoating & membrane technology. Our team can help you to accelerate nano-surface, nano-coating and membrane technology to market for steel, ceramics, polymers, water technologies, or glass. Don’t worry if you missed our 4th and final free open call (which closed on 7th July 2023), you can still access the facilities via paid contracts at fair conditions and pricing.
  • 10 upscaling and 9 testing facilities available across Europe
  • Open to: SMEs, Start-ups, Research labs, Industry
  • Make an enquiry with the team ( to tailor services to your needs.
NewSkin OITB team are happy to provide access to EU-funded Open Innovation Test Bed facilities along with colleagues in:

LEE-BED (web, LinkedIn, X)                      LightCoce (web, LinkedIn, X)                          SAFE-N-Medtech (web, LinkedIn, X)
NewSkin (platform, web, LinkedIn, XNextGenMicrofluidics (web, LinkedIn, X)    INNOMEM (web, LinkedIn, X)
INN-PRESSME (web, LinkedIn, X)           Bionanopolys (web, LinkedIn, X)                   iClimabuilt (web, LinkedIn, X)
MEZeroE (web, LinkedIn, X)                    PHOENIX OITB (web, LinkedIn, X)                  TBMED (web, LinkedIn, X)
FormPlanet (web, LinkedIn, X)              BIOMAT Project (web, LinkedIn, X)                i-TRIBOMAT (web, LinkedIn, X)
METABUILDING LABS (web, LkdIn, X)  musicode (web, LinkedIn, X)                           TEESMAT (web, LinkedIn, X)
BIOMAC (web, LinkedIn, X)                     Convert2Green (web, LinkedIn, X)                Exploit4InnoMat (web, LinkedIn, X),
LightMe (web, LinkedIn, X)                     OASIS Composites (web, LinkedIn, X)          MDOT (web, LinkedIn, X)
FlexFunction2Sustain (web, LkdIn, X) VIPCOAT (web, LinkedIn, X)

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