Webinar on Textures and Coatings for Friction and vibrations reduction in dynamic environments.

Webinar on Textures and Coatings for Friction and vibrations reduction in dynamic environments.
Published on 22 Mar 10:59 (about 3 years ago) by ALPHA-RLH

Confindustria Emilia is partner of the European project "NewSkin" funded by FP H2020, which comprises a consortium of 34 European entities including industrial associations, companies, research centres and universities. 

The project consists of the creation of an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) aimed at providing the necessary services to accelerate the industrial adoption of cutting-edge surface nanotechnologies with a cross-sectoral impact. 

The main objective of the project is to enable companies to apply advantageous physical and mechanical properties to their components. 

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the online launch event where, together with the project partners, we will present the services offered by the consortium.  

Among the main benefits of the developed nanotechnologies, we will talk about the following:

·         Friction reduction for improved components lifespan as well as equipment improved durability and energy efficiency.
·         Improved lubricated systems (Improved tribology).
·         Improved performance in fluid dynamics.  
·         Vibration’s attenuation and improved grip. 
·         Thin Film Technologies for improved surface properties (Hardness, corrosion resistance at extreme temperatures, low friction coefficient even at cryogenic and high vacuum conditions).

NewSkin technologies are compatible with  metals, polymers, ceramics and others.
| Introduction 5 min | Filippo Forni | Coordinator R&I Area | Confindustria Emilia | Introductory speech
| Project presentation - 20 min | Carlos Del Castillo | Project Manager | ECCS | The NewSkin project
| RTD 1-20 min | Markus Brase/ Elias Liarte | Lead Scientist | LUH/ITA | Design of Functional Textures and Texturing During Moulding Processes.
| RTD 2 -30 min | David Kinahan / Girolamo Mincuzzi / Francisco Gontad | Lead Scientist | DCU/Alpha-NOV/ AIMEN | Laser Texturing processes for the cost-effective manufacturing of components exhibiting improved performance in dynamic environments
| RTD 3 -20 min | Marta Brizuela | Lead Scientist | TECNALIA | Thin film technologies for improved surface properties in dynamic environments.
| Questions & Answers

Please note that due to the international provenance of the speakers, the webinar will be held in English. Find more information and Register at the event as "non-associated company" on this link: https://www.confindustriaemilia.it/flex/cm/pages/ServeBLOB.php/L/IT/IDPagina/94692