NewSkin partner FUNDITEC presentation at CASP 2022 - corrosion protection on texturized steel moulds

NewSkin partner FUNDITEC presentation at CASP 2022 - corrosion protection on texturized steel moulds
Published on 27 Jul 08:57 (almost 2 years ago) by AquaTT

NewSkin partner FUNDITEC presented results on their latest NewSkin OITB project work in the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Corrosion and Surface Protection for Steel (CASP 2022) on 26 May 2022. 

In his presentation “Corrosion protection on texturized steel moulds for polymeric products by sol-gel release coatings”, José Ignacio Lozano, from the Laboratory of Advanced Materials at FUNDITEC in Spain reported results on a series of developed ultra-thin (~<1 micron) sol-gel release agent silica-based coatings that include in their formulation metallic elements of proven hardness, such as Zn, Ti and Zr. These sol-gel coatings have the potential to increase the corrosion resistance of surfaces while presenting good demoulding properties, by preventing mould surface contamination and avoiding masking of the delicate mould pattern. 

As part of the NewSkin facilities, the FUNDITEC team acts as technology provider in the field of functional nano-coatings, developing sol-gel formulations with high wear resistance for anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties on steel substrates and anti-ice properties on nano-textured composite samples. These formulations, once scaled-up by NewSkin partner GXC, will be evaluated in a wide range of scenarios to be applied by NewSkin partner LEITAT in their pilot plant for nano-coatings applications.

High-performance anti-corrosion surface functionalisation

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NewSkin's FUNDITEC working on sol-gel corrosion protection for texturized steel moulds

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