Where will NewSkin functionalised surfaces be used?

Where will NewSkin functionalised surfaces be used?
Published on 13 Sep 15:21 (over 2 years ago) by AquaTT

With huge potential to offer material solutions with a heterogeneous range of applications, NewSkin offers users access to upscaling, testing and validation facilities, and route-to-market services for the following types of Nano-enabled Surfaces and Membranes : 
•       Nano-enhanced liquid and powder coatings 
•       Nano-enabled water membranes 
•       Industrial components 
•       Functional ceramics
•       Nano-enabled foils, envelops, films and packaging

Resulting solutions will provide materials protection, water-treatment, advanced functionalities, tribological applications, fuel savings in marine transport, energy savings in pumps, engines, actuators etc., impacting society and key industrial sectors and aiding the EU green transition. Read more about the different NewSkin surface applications in the catalogue >>
See the NewSkin directory for partners and others registered on the NewSkin platform for each of the different related industries>>    
H2020 NewSkin OITB facilitates upscaling and test of nano-coatings, nano-surfaces, and membranes that will have wide applications and impacts
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