NewSkin Water Days 2024 Highlights

NewSkin Water Days 2024 Highlights
Published on 12 Apr 13:29 (3 months ago) by AquaTT

Hybrid event on nano-surface, nano-coating, and membrane technologies to solve challenges in water related domains
Our team were delighted to host the NewSkin Water Days 2024 on 20-21 March 2024, in the run up to world water day (22 March). We would also like to thank the participants in this hybrid event, who joined us online on Teams and in-person in Domaine de la Fontaine Olivet, France within sight of the impressive Orléans cathedral and Joan of Arc centre (Jeanne d'Arc). The weather was very kind to us, permitting us to have lunch and coffee breaks al fresco, where participants got plenty of time to chat, while enjoying delicious French bites (including les escargots) in the glorious sun and beautiful surrounds of Domaine de la Fountaine.  
The NewSkin OITB water innovation ecosystem came together creating a rich blend of technical knowledge exchange, discussion and networking over 4 sessions. Challenges and potential solutions where NewSkin facilities, expertise, and accelerated novel water related technologies could have strong performance impacts by advancing surface functionality, durability, and sustainability were presented and discussed. Examples include adding advanced anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-cavitation, and/or tribological nano-surfaces on different materials (e.g., ceramics, steel, polymers and composites) for application in different industries e.g., water recycling and reuse, desalination, brine-mining, aquaculture, water and wastewater filtration (inc PFAS) and other domains. Much of the discussion and linkages has promising follow-on potential for applications and novel surface projects. 
NewSkin Water Days 2024
Session 1: NewSkin Water Related Challenges 
Session 2: Advanced Membrane Technologies
Session 3: Advanced Components Technologies - mechanical parts, pumps, renewable energy  
Session 4: Facility & expertise access Open Innovation Test Beds & Related EU Projects (OITBs: NewSkin & INNOMEM; Graphene Flagship; SEArcularMINE, SEA4VALUE, PULSATE)

View video of highlights here