Innovative laser manufacturing processes at nano scale

Innovative laser manufacturing processes at nano scale
Published on 10 Apr 15:13 (3 months ago) by AquaTT

If you are at #SPIEPhotonicsEurope in Strasbourg and interested in innovative laser manufacturing processes at nano scale, then catch up with the NewSkin OITB team.
Rubye Zehani (ALPHA-RLH, le pôle français des ondes de l'innovation) is present to highlight the NewSkin OITB Open Innovation Test Bed facilities which are focused on providing easy access for #SMEs, #startups, #researchlabs and #industry to nano-surface scale-up and testing to enhance surface properties for different relevant sectors. In terms of laser nanotechnologies, NewSkin OITB provides access to different laser facilities for up-scaling innovative surface nanotechnologies and integration in manufacturing processes, including surface texturing, roll-to-roll femtosecond laser texturing, heat-treatment laser, and multimodal laser processing (available at AIMEN Centro Tecnológico, ALPhANOV and Dublin City University).
Several companies and research organisations have already benefited from NewSkin OITB facilities and services to accelerate and up-take innovative high performance surface functionalities (such as wettability properties, improved heat exchange, friction reduction, wear resistance).
The creation of a single entry point for accessing these facilities and services (NewSkin AISBL) will further accelerate the uptake of innovative laser processes to manufacture new nano-enabled products.