NewSkin OITB new paper >> A comprehensive review

NewSkin OITB new paper >> A comprehensive review
Published on 01 Dec 16:10 (7 months ago) by AquaTT

If you are interested in tackling surface fouling, be it in marine, aerospace, water treatment, food and beverage, energy generation and/or other sectors then this comprehensive review from NewSkin partner DCU is for you!

Discover various types of fouling that can occur, the properties affecting a surface’s fouling resistance, as well as the latest physical and chemical strategies for the generation of antifouling surfaces, with a focus on high precision laser-based tailoring of nano- and micro-scale patterning to enhance properties such as hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, and resistance to fouling.

Read the paper here >> Abhijit Cholkar, Ronan McCann, Gopinath Perumal, Suman Chatterjee, Mark Swayne, David Kinahan, Dermot Brabazon, "Advances in laser-based surface texturing for developing antifouling surfaces: A comprehensive review", Applied Surface Science Advances, Volume 18, 2023, 100513, ISSN 2666-5239.

NewSkin OITB partner DCU's paper on Applied Surface Science Advances
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