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The Self-Erecting-Tower is a modular tower that couple a standard crane that progressively joins all the components to build high dimensions towers, saving time, costs, logistical difficulties and H&S risks during the construction. The Self-Erecting-Tower was initially designed for the wind energy sector, however, all its advantages make it feasible to other industries like bridge construction, for instance. This tower can reach higher heights than 150m. A unique and innovative solution that easily adapts to the heights of the upcoming giant wind turbines. Moreover, due to its modularity, the tower is completely adjustable to the nacelle frame of any Wind Turbine.

Targeted industries

Construction, Renewable energy, Industrial Components

Key interests

Textured industrial components (gears, seals, gaskets, pistons, shafts, propellers…), Fatigue assessment of large offshore steel structures, Influence of corrosion on fatigue resistance of high-strength bolts

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Testing facilities

High-Strength connection fatigue assessment


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Modular composite steel concrete fibers UHPC corrosion Wind

Main contact

Pablo Gascón

R&D Engineer