SP Nano

SP Nano has developed a cutting edge dispersion technology for Carbon nanoparticles (e.g., CNT, graphene, CB) providing excellent dispersions. The truly dispersed nanoparticles are being used for (but not limited to): 1. Coating surfaces (e.g., fibers and particles) 2. Dispersion in matrices (e.g., resins and polymers) 3. Formulation in a liquid (e.g., coolants and inks) The unequalled dispersion technology unleash the huge potential of carbon nanoparticles in applications that require excellent properties, such as thermal and electrical conductance, wear resistance and mechanical properties e.g., thermal interface materials, coolants, batteries, supercapacitors, electrically conductive textiles, conductive inks, cosmetics, tissue engineering, coatings, adhesives, composites, paints, smart textiles, etc.

Targeted industries

Construction, Prothesis, Water treatments, Transport, Renewable energy, Medical device, Optics and electronics, Industrial Components, Packaging

Key interests

Optics, Prosthesis, Nano-enabled water membranes, Nano-formulated paints application, Functional films (packaging and electronics), Nano-enabled flexible glass, plastic and metal (including flexible electronics, Photovoltaics, heat exchangers and electrochromic envelopes), Nano-enabled surfaces for energy storage, Nano-enabled elements for blades and composites, Micro-electronics

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Asa Eitan