Independent laboratory offering a comprehensive range of tests for evaluating the antiviral activities of disinfection products and equipment. The Antimicrobial Materials department conducts trials to determine the antiviral and antimicrobial performance of coatings, materials and textiles in accordance with EN/FR/ISO standards or with specific product-related procedures and conditions of use. VirHealth also provides durability tests for antimicrobial products, as well as abrasion procedures simulating the repeatability impact of cleaning/disinfection procedures (EPA MB-40). Standards and bespoke protocols, preliminary screening test and definition of the optimized parameters (concentration, contact time, temperature...). More than 80 strains in the VirHealth lab collection. Possibility to acquire additional viruses to meet client’s needs. All tests can be carried out in BioSafety Laboratory level-3 on pathogenic viral strains.

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Virucidal efficacy testing. Antiviral activities. ISO 18061. Antimicrobial materials. Antimicrobial coating. Antimicrobial performance. EN 21702. ISO 22196. Durability tests. EPA MB-40

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