SERMA TECHNOLOGIES, subsidiary of SERMA GROUP (Large Industry), proposes activities of technology expertise, analysis (bulk and surface), control, test, consulting and training, on semiconductors, materials, active and passive components, boards, systems, batteries, hydrogen, and solar panels for signal and power electronics. SERMA TECHNOLOGIES carries out 8000 analyses per year on 7 sites in France, thanks to its 200 employees, 7000m2 of laboratories and 25M€ of equipment. Multiple industrial sectors are addressed (aeronautics, space, defense, automotive, railway, telecommunications, health care, solar, etc.), at any level of the industrial cycle (consulting on reliability / durability / maintainability / availability / HM-PHM, process audit, technical training, analysis and technological qualification, failure and root cause analysis, SPICE modelling, electromagnetic simulation, extreme temperature characterization and endurance electrical tests). In particular, our Business Unit "Science et Surface" (Lyon, France) is a laboratory for physical and chemical surface and interface analyses of materials and nanomaterials. Science et Surface has developed a specific knowledge in materials and surface science that is applied for the development of materials and new processes, production quality control, troubleshooting analyses and industrial expertise, training in surface analytical techniques and all studies where surface phenomena play a major role. Our main activities are dedicated to adhesion, corrosion, passivation, functionalization, nanostructural analyses, contamination, optimisation and efficiency of cleaning process studies.

Targeted industries

Construction, Prothesis, Transport, Renewable energy, Medical device, Optics and electronics, Industrial Components, Packaging

Key interests

Textured industrial components (gears, seals, gaskets, pistons, shafts, propellers…), Optics, Prosthesis, Nano-formulated paints application, Functional films (packaging and electronics), Nano-enabled flexible glass, plastic and metal (including flexible electronics, Photovoltaics, heat exchangers and electrochromic envelopes), Nano-enabled surfaces for energy storage, Nano-enabled elements for blades and composites, Micro-electronics, Influence of corrosion on fatigue resistance of high-strength bolts, Graphene, Equipment exposed to harsh conditions , Tribological coatings/surfaces , Nano-enabled water membranes, Pumps

Upscaling facilities

Testing facilities

Harsh industrial conditions, High-Strength connection fatigue assessment, Climate chamber, Icing conditions, Intumescent Coatings


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Main contact

Mathieu MEDINA