CNM Technologies GmbH

CNM Technologies is the sole supplier of Carbon Nanomembranes (CNMs), a molecular thin, Carbon-based polymeric 2D-sheet material, with complementary properties to graphene (dielectric, easy chemical functionalisation, intrinsic porosity, …). The company develops together with partners in industry and academia new applications of CNMs in sensor technology (surface functionalisation), energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and especially in filtration and separation. Since CNMs are highly permeable for water, while blocking anything else like salt and small organic molecules, they can enable a hitherto non-attainable separation efficiency in water filtration compared to existing membrane technology. A variety in production methods - from large area CNM-composite membranes for water filtration to CMOS-compatible integration of even freestanding CNMs into devices - is feasible.

Targeted industries

Water treatments, Renewable energy

Key interests

Nano-enabled water membranes, Nano-enabled surfaces for energy storage, Graphene

Upscaling facilities

PVD and CVD (including R2R), Water membranes

Testing facilities

Water filtration


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Main contact

Albert Schnieders

Managing Director