Mahr France

As a worldwide partner for quality assurance, Mahr Company offers metrology products and solutions that combine proven precision and high efficiency. Starting with roughness measurements, tactile or contactless, and ending with form and dimensional control, our product portfolio addresses all the marketing industries. In order to help you meet the technical and societal challenges, we will be glad to understand your specific requirements and propose you the right solution. So please contact us !

Targeted industries

Prothesis, Transport, Renewable energy, Medical device, Optics and electronics, Industrial Components

Key interests

Textured industrial components (gears, seals, gaskets, pistons, shafts, propellers…), Optics, Prosthesis, Nano-enabled water membranes, Nano-formulated paints application, Functional films (packaging and electronics), Nano-enabled surfaces for energy storage, Nano-enabled elements for blades and composites, Micro-electronics, Influence of corrosion on fatigue resistance of high-strength bolts

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Main contact

Ion Solonari

Optical Product Specialist