DREAM Cluster Water & Environment

DREAM Cluster Water & Environment is one of the founding members of the French water cluster France Water Team (FWT). FWT boasts a network of 500 members working on water-related issues such as SMEs, Industries, water utilities, research and education actors. What are our main objectives? - Promoting the development of collaborative R&D projects allowing exceptional innovation for water and aquatic environment technologies - Developing solutions addressing the major water challenges: metrology, water reuse, resilient infrastructures, smart water management, digital transition. Our roadmap is defined in two main axes: 1. Supporting SME’s development, 2. Fostering innovation, through the launch of major structuring projects on water quality and resources management. Our main challenges: - Quality of drinking and natural water: Restoration of environment and biodiversity , Alternative solutions for sludge soil and water treatment in situ, Innovative solutions for monitoring the quality of environment and resources with new technologies, Detection and treatment of new pollutants - Quantity of water: water saving techniques, generation of new resources, water storage - Transverse topics: intelligent management of of city infrastructures, water & energy nexus, digitalization

Targeted industries

Water treatments

Key interests

Nano-enabled water membranes

Upscaling facilities

Water membranes

Testing facilities

Icing conditions, Fouling and Off-shore


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