Fraunhofer FEP

Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP works on innovative solutions in the fields of vacuum coating, surface treatment as well as organic semiconductors. The core competences electron beam technology, plasma-assisted large-area and precision coating, roll-to-roll technologies, development of technological key components as well as technologies for the organic electronics and IC/system design provide a basis for these activities. Thus, Fraunhofer FEP offers a wide range of possibilities for research, development, and pilot production, especially for the processing, sterilization, structuring and refining of surfaces as well as OLED microdisplays, organic and inorganic sensors and optical filters. Our aim is to seize the innovation potential of the electron beam, plasma technology and organic electronics for new production processes and devices and to make it available for our customers.

Targeted industries

Construction, Water treatments, Transport, Renewable energy, Packaging, Optics and electronics

Key interests

Nano-enabled water membranes, Functional films (packaging and electronics), Nano-enabled flexible glass, plastic and metal (including flexible electronics, Photovoltaics, heat exchangers and electrochromic envelopes), Nano-enabled surfaces for energy storage, Nano-enabled elements for blades and composites, Micro-electronics, Tribological coatings/surfaces , Optics, Graphene

Upscaling facilities

PVD and CVD (including R2R), Water membranes, Roll 2 roll texturing

Testing facilities

Climate chamber, Icing conditions, Large Scale Fatigue Tests


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Main contact

Annett Graf